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Nintendo Fusion Tour 11-12-05 14:27
Last night's concert was absolutely amazing. Enough said!
Fall Out Boy 11-10-05 12:51
Fall Out Boy tomorrow, I don't know if I'm happy or if I just don't care. I love the band, but the crowd is going to suck now. Why couldn't they just not get famous? WHY?!
Life is grand... 10-20-05 14:28
Just got my midterm grades back.... ALL A'S AND B'S MOTHAFUCKAS!!! Damn, I'm doing pretty damn well at Creighton, especially for coming out of North!

Now if I only had grandparents who were still alive to reward me for doing so well in school. Damn!
Corpse Bride 09-25-05 17:08
Tim Burton is a fuckin genious! Go see this movie, it's worth it!
09-20-05 10:45
Theology 09-19-05 22:47
This is the first year that I have studied, and holy shit I think I have ADD. I've been trying to study for this theology test I have tomorrow, and I just can't stay focused. The internet, television, cigarette breaks, and music are too tempting. I need some study skills...any suggestions?!

I hope this test is easy...that would be awesome. Yes, I think I'm a little dillusional right now. I don't sleep as much as I should and I think it's starting to fuck with my head. Awww....sleep. Yeah, I'm cutting this post short and heading off to bed. Check ya later!
McDonalds.... 03-29-06 08:39
I love McDonalds!
Yessssssssss! 09-16-05 09:03
It's Friday..yipee!! That girl moves in today. That makes me upset..but oh well! Tyson and Tom's band is playing tomorrow. I'm super excited. Anjane and I are going to drool over Tom...but shhhhh don't tell Chuck, lol.

Atmosphere's concert is the 22nd...yay! I'm excited to see them. I heard it was a good show, so we'll see.

Um, yah. I don't really have much else to say right at this moment. I just got out of the shower. SO it's time to dance around naked for the last time :( Check ya later!
Sometimes.... 03-29-06 08:39
It's hard for me to even tell you how I feel.
09-13-05 09:39
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